Prepps - A New & Better Way to Search for Schools & Students

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New & Better Way to Search for Schools & Students

Launching Soon.

New & Better Way to Search for Schools & Students

Launching Soon.

Modernizing the college search and recruitment of students

Colleges can tap into our vast network of students

Save $$$ on Marketing

✓ Better ROI than University's-OPM relationships.

✓ Better ROI than Facebook/Google and other similar Digital Marketing Channels.

A mobile app to interact with prospective students

✓ Make Connections with Prospective Students

✓ Become visible to a larger audience

✓ Find studentst that are right-fit and invite them to apply.

Tools & Resources

✓ Save time & money on building marketing infrastructure.

✓ Prepps provides everything you need to get started


✓ Expand your reach to commonly over-looked, low-income districts.

✓ Filter by zip code, and career interest to match your academic offering.

✓ Interact with high GPA students for higher success rates

Here's How it works

1. Create a Profile

Simply fill in your details to get started with Prepps.

2. Let Colleges Find You

Colleges will search for your profile based on GPA, zipcode etc and contact you directly.

3. Get Invitations

Review the invitations from colleges and apply to your preferred college.

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Using Prepps, You can:

✓ Search for programs

✓ Connect with Schools & Universities

✓ Get all the help you need to get into the right school

✓ Answers to all your questions directly answered by experts

It's a WIN-WIN!

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